Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giving God a Wish List

"You do not have because you do not ask," the scripture says. Can it really be that simple? Depends on your list, I think.

Do you ever feel like you're in a spiritual slump? I do right now. I'm very tired - not just physically, and sometimes that's not even an issue - but emotionally, mentally and spiritually tired. My discipline in every area of my life is shot, and some days I am simply too overwhelmed to care. The frustrating thing is that this follows about eight months of really sweet time with the Lord; time full of enthusiasm and closeness, great communication, growth and maturity, vision and excitement. It has been a life-changing time for me and I have loved it, even when it was difficult.

What has happened? Not sure. Maybe I really am tired and need a season of rest and restoration. Maybe I have enjoyed the results of those spiritual disciplines so much that I have focused more on them and less and less on the source - Jesus.

It is so easy for my focus to slip! How does it happen so quickly, so subtly?

Perhaps the better question is, "How do I get that back?"

I need to ask. It's that simple. Here's why. Asking puts me back in touch with the source - the relationship - from which everything else flows. Anytime I meet with the Lord I am changed - he's just like that. You can't have contact with someone like our Lord and not be changed because of it. So what does this wish list look like? What do I take to the Lord as a request right now? It goes something like this:

  • fix my focus on You - our relationship
  • help me to remember the things you have taught me in this time (this is where journaling is so important - go back and read what God has been teaching you - what he has been doing in your life)
  • give me a desire for you - give me a hunger and thirst for your word and for you
  • remind me not to try to "do Christianity" in my own power
  • use me today - in spite of how I am feeling - help me to remember that no matter what my situation or feeling, you are still God
  • keep me close to you during this time - help me to see what you are trying to teach me - remind me that you are always near, always at work, always with me
  • restore my excitement and enthusiasm in living for you each day
  • help me to do the things I need to do today - accomplish the tasks that are required
  • remind me to praise you in all things today
  • forgive me for....
  • don't let me get stupid!!
I could go on, but this hits the high spots. What would you add to this list? What do you need from God today? Yes, he already knows, and already has plans to provide. Asking is for our benefit. It makes us focus on what we need - really NEED - and more importantly, it brings our focus back to the one who supplies it. 

Take a few minutes to make your list. What do you need from God today? What will make you a better servant ? Ask him. Trust him. Praise him. Follow him.

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