Thursday, June 16, 2011

One More Thing on the List!

Good almost Friday morning. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the weekend. It will prove to be a busy one, though, so for a girl needing some rest it's hard to get excited about it - almost. In the meantime, I still have two days to go to get there. Two busy days. On my agenda for the next two days...

  • one in-service
  • team meeting
  • two camp planning meetings
  • intake for a new patient
  • paperwork
  • making ice cream for the employees appreciation party on Saturday
  • picking up door prizes for party
  • paperwork
  • laundry and a basket full of ironing
  • grocery shopping
  • cleaning out some closets
  • planning for Father's day
  • did I mention PAPERWORK???!!
Hmm. I think I felt better before I put all of that on paper. Can you relate? I'm sure you can. The scary thing is...that's not everything! 

What's missing? Good works - random acts of kindness - deliberate acts of service to others. You're kidding, right? Well, no. Read this verse from Hebrews, 4:24. "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." 

What if at the end of the day, as I'm checking off items on my list (and don't you just love this part!) I add those random acts of kindness and service? What if I do that every day? Would my attitude toward that to-do list change? In addition to that feeling of satisfaction I get from checking off the list, would I also develop a spirit of gratitude for the opportunities God provided for me that day? I think it might work exactly like that. 

I freely admit that the last thing I need is something else to add to my list for the next two days. I'd like to sleep sometime in there and just goof off a little. And eat! That is never a question for me, and while I never put eating on a daily to-do list,  I'm GOING to eat! It may be later than planned, it may be different than what I was anticipating, but it will happen! 

Could I be that deliberate with random acts of service? I think I can. How do I make this happen, especially when the very nature of 'random' acts would seem to be in conflict with the whole idea of planning? Here's my plan:

1. I will specifically pray for God to provide opportunities TODAY, and  that I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading during the day.

2. I will actively seek out opportunities to serve.

3. I will intentionally seek to develop this as a new discipline - intentionally. 

4. I will pray for God to help me be willing to take my hands off my own agenda and embrace his. He is a God of order, not chaos. He knows what needs to be accomplished today and will graciously enable and equip me to do those things in his strength. 

5. I will ask for God to give me his spirit, his love for those around me and to help me remember that things and activities are NEVER EVER more important than people. 

6. I will remember that my act of service may never be acknowledged or even known by others. That doesn't matter. I will remember Jesus' teachings from Matthew about not doing things to be seen by others. Rather I should do those things as a true act of service and worship, and be satisfied that God knows about them, and sees my heart. That is enough for me. 

So tonight, as I review my list, I will add to it all those opportunities that came my way today. I will think about the difference those things made in my life, and I will offer gratitude and praise to God for the privilege of sharing his love with someone today. 

Will you take this challenge with me? Let me know what obstacles you face as you try to develop this discipline. What helps you to stay on track? What scriptures are you meditating on to keep you on track? 

Blessings on you as you serve Him today. May we end this day more like our Savior than we are right now! 

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