Monday, July 4, 2011

A Legacy of Eternal Proportions

As I thought about this post, and the day on which it would appear, I thought about the legacy left to us by our forefathers. It has always amazed me that they had such insight as they wrote our constitution. I believe, as I do about all things, that everything good comes from God. How else could we explain a wisdom and focus that would be specific enough to organize an entire country, yet broad and open enough to grow and change over the next two hundred plus years? Yep, definitely a God thing.

As great as that is, and as much as I love this country, I have to remember that establishing the United States of America was not an end in itself. It has a purpose in God's complete plan.One day every nation, great and small will come to an end, and there will be only God's kingdom. That will be a great day, but until that time, we have work to do - we as in, our country and each of us.

Our forefathers left us an amazing legacy, but it is a temporary one. Consider 2 Corinthians 4:18:  "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

So many things that we do will leave a temporary legacy, but like a stone tossed into a placid lake, the ripple effects of our actions will continue under God's hand to propel his plan and  further his kingdom until the end of time.

What does that mean for us? For me it means:

  • never taking the little things for granted
  • never missing an opportunity to serve (whatever that may look like for you)
  • remembering that God does everything he does because he loves us - all of us
  • remembering that I will never see the entire picture
  • never losing sight of the fact that this is all leading to the fulfillment of God's plan for us
  • remembering that we do not operate in a vacuum
  • remembering that each person we encounter - no matter what their situation - is precious to God
  • remembering how much I need him - my own wisdom is so limited
So, what do you think? Have I babbled like an idiot and traveled in a circle here, or does it make a little sense? As you celebrate our nation's birth and the legacy of our forefathers today, take some time to consider America's place and purpose in God's plan, and then consider your own. It is both daunting and awe-inspiring to know that we each have a job to do - a legacy to leave behind. 

The only eternal legacy will be the lives we touch for Jesus. How are we doing with that? It's never too late to make some changes. 

Have a safe and happy 4th, and of course:

                                       God Bless America!

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Unknown said...

That pebble in the pond...For good or bad...Ripples continue and often grow...I want all my ripples to be joyful returns on every wave!!! I MUST remember that when I sling my seed packets!