Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chapter 3 - Page 23 Vision

Chapter three is about vision...

My favorite inspirational quote from this chapter is:

"How radically different would modern American youth culture be
if we stopped raising our kids to survive their world and 
started empowering them with a vision to change it?" (p.33)

I love this quote because it is a reminder that as Christians we are not just survivors - we are over-comers.  We need to believe, pray and act like it. Can you imagine? What would the world be like if right now, today, every Christian began living with a God-given vision to change the world? 

In this chapter Steven talks about his own vision to start a church in a big city to reach people for Christ. It was an audacious vision but God is blessing his faithfulness and using him to reach people for him. He also says that each of us has a vision from God if we will listen with open hearts. 

Do you ever wonder what God's plan is for you? Do you look back over the course of your life and see random happenings : a job here, a move there, an opportunity lost? Sometimes  we look for the patterns in our lives and find that they are just not there. That's because we can't see the big picture. 

God is a God of order, not chaos. He ordered the universe in all of it's striking complexities long before we came into being. He ordered our lives that way too, down to the number of our days and the very hairs on our heads. 

Here is what Steven says about that:  "God gives people the exact experiences he wants them to have in order to shape the specific destiny he's designed for them." (p.21)

What does he say about that vision? You need to read this book and find out. This is only chapter three and already I could line my office walls with quotes that I need to remember and refer to often for inspiration.

God has a vision for the world - the whole world; every place over all time. He gives us the privilege of joining with him in that vision, each according to our own gifts, talents, and experiences. Each of us is uniquely created for a God-ordained purpose. I don't want to miss mine, do you? 

The book is, SUN STAND STILL: What Happens When You Dare to ask God for the Impossible, by Steven Furtick.  Check out his website: Steven Furtick for more, and come back tomorrow for a quick review of chapter four: The Sun Stand Still Lexicon. 

Its your turn: what is God's vision for your life? What has God called you to do that is beyond your ability to do it? 

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