Thursday, August 4, 2011

I asked for this...right?

Have you heard people talking about dogs chasing cars and wondering what they would do with one should they ever happen to catch it? Well, I'm reminded right now of that - and it's not about my dog, it's about ME!

If you've looked at my ministry project page you know that I'm looking at ways to address the problem of homeless families in Jackson County, especially those with school aged children. I'll be going to a Homeless Coalition meeting next week for our district, and have three local contacts in this county now. This is what I've been looking for...

So why do I have this little edge of tension right now? Is it fear or excitement? Is it because now instead of just thinking about what I can do to help I'm about to be told what I can do and it might be harder than I thought? In my head, things turn out so perfectly...everyone cooperates with loving hearts and open arms, the people we want to help are all lovely and thankful, and soon we've eradicated the entire homeless problem in Jackson County.  Yes, I do have an active fantasy life!

The thing is, a God-sized problem can receive a God-sized intervention - that's what I'm praying for. That still doesn't mean it will be easy; in fact, it can mean just the opposite. Anytime we attempt to do something for God, the enemy steps in and tries to wreak havoc in our lives. The funny thing about that is it should have just the opposite effect. It should only make us praise and worship more. I'm sure that isn't what the enemy has in mind, but wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if every time we encountered a fear or problem we immediately praised God for being greater? Every time.

Every time I feel doubt - praise him for being my rock.
Every time I feel fear - praise him for being my shelter and protector.
Every time I feel angry or hurt - praise him for being the balm of my soul.
Every time I feel excited - praise him for being the spring of living water to my soul.
Every time I feel lost - praise him for being the Way.
Every time I feel adrift - praise him for being the light that lights my way.
Every time I feel confused - praise him for being the truth.
Every time...Praise Him!

Did I ask for this? Yes I did. My wonderful Sunday School teacher, David, challenges us every week to not be comfortable just sitting and soaking up good feelings in church. We are meant to take Jesus to the world. So, I asked God to use me and this is where he has led for now. 

He doesn't lead where he has not been.

He doesn't lead to leave us stranded.

He leads with purpose, with provision, with a passion for hurting and lost souls. It is an honor to be a part of his work. I want to remember to praise him and follow him every step of the way; to expect God-sized things, to expect conflict and obstacles of every kind, and to be ready to celebrate when I see his mighty hand move. 

Yes I did ask for this. I'm excited. I'm ready. I will press on.

What about you? Have you asked God to do something God-sized through you, in you? What happened? If you haven't, what are you waiting for?

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