Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just Do It!!

My friend Sharon and I have this thing right now. She has a foundation - WADE In Foundation - and she has taken on projects and been involved in disaster relief...she now works for FEMA and in between disasters has some down time.

At dinner a couple of weeks ago she was telling me about this idea for a children's book and it was wonderful! I can see it becoming a big thing, like Sponge Bob or Veggie Tales. It really was great! So I asked, "Are you writing all these stories down?" She said, "I'm thinking about it."

Check in later...she's still thinking about it. I'm still thinking about my stuff...things I need to do to establish a non-profit....sending query letters to agents and publishers...

I'm all for thinking. Most of us need to do more of it, especially before we speak. (Take a minute there...) But sometimes "thinking about it" becomes just another way to avoid actually doing it.

Thinking about it doesn't get my closet cleaned out.
Thinking about exercise doesn't get me out on the track walking.
Thinking about finding an agent doesn't get a letter written.
Thinking about growing a ministry doesn't get paperwork filed.

Add your own here:  Thinking about _____________ doesn't get __________________.

You may not see the whole path, the big picture, and you may find once you arrive at your destination, that the end was not at all what you envisioned. God has a way of doing His own thing. All we're responsible for TODAY are the opportunities he places before us.

Meditate on His word?  Yes.

Use the wisdom and common sense he gave you? Yes.

Trust him to lead? Absolutely!

Step out on faith today with that first step? That's what it's all about.


What do you need to do today that you've been "thinking about"?

For me:

1) organize, photograph, and upload a list of stuff to sell on line. My first fund raiser for my ministry! :)

2) write a letter to a friend who is in jail.

3) Contact some women's groups about speaking to them

That should keep me busy and moving forward. My pastor likes to say that, "always moving forward". God is not a stagnant, inactive being who just sits around waiting for things to happen. He is always at work and he has things for us to do. Some are what we think of as "spiritual", others are much more practical and require us to get working and get our hands dirty.

You will be surprised at what actually gets rolling when you just take that first step. Do it today. Write it down right now, and don't go to bed tonight until it's done.



Nancy Kimball said...

Nancy Kimball was here =)
Thinking about how writing the novel was the easy part won't get the proposal finished!

Deborah Matthews said...

Love the verse from Esther. And Just Do It is so true. I finally just did it and started a blog last Sunday.

Sherri said...

Nancy & Deborah thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is amazing to me - and a little scary - how much can be accomplished when I just take that first step. Nancy good luck with your proposal and Deborah I hope you enjoy writing the blog. I hope you both with be back.