Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ministry Update

Things are moving along. God is providing a way, financially, for all the little things to get done. And these are just the preliminaries. I'll be advertising my "fictitious name" this week, and then registering the name with the state. I have a PO Box now because I don't want to list my home address.

(I think I'll write myself a letter of encouragement and send it to my box!! )  :)

I'll be having a conversation this week with someone who's been there - done that, about bylaws and all of the official things that have to be done, and will schedule an appointment to speak with an attorney friend to see if he will help me file papers, and to see if he might be interested in being a part of the ministry.

I'm still praying that God will send someone with financial skills and a ministry heart. I know he has the perfect person in mind.

I'm going to check on my logo today. Can't wait to see it and share it with you. And if I'm really honest - can't wait to see it on a business card and letter head!

I want to get pretty folders to organize my 'ministry stuff' and I'm thinking about T-shirts and a name's so easy to get carried away with the fluff - the fun stuff. I do believe that God wants us to be balanced. Starting a ministry is a lot of work and most of it right now is out of my comfort zone and new to me. I have so many things to pray about in that regard.

I also believe that God wants us to find joy in our service of him. I think it's fine to get excited about the fluff - as long as that doesn't become our focus. We can minister without fluff. We can't change lives and eternal situations with fluff alone. To truly do that, we need substance. That's where prayer and studying God's word comes in. Without those things in our lives daily to be our anchor and our compass, it's too easy to lose our focus. When that happens, ministry turns into just so much more work, or worse, a way to promote ourselves.

My prayer list for First Things Ministries continues to grow and is becoming more specific. I'm looking forward to opportunities to share with women's groups in Jackson County about the ministry and enlisting their prayer support first, then getting them involved according to God's leading.

Yes, I love the fluff! I'm an organizer and planner and I love that stuff. I pray that God gives me balance in this endeavor. I don't believe he called me to a ministry of failure. There will be difficult times, and a bit of a steep learning curve in some cases, but his ultimate goal is to see souls come to know him. That can happen whether I'm always successful or not. God does some of his best work when I have failed at something. Remember, he works all things together for good...!

Thank you for stopping by and keeping up. Please keep this ministry in your prayers. Maybe you will join us one day.

Is there something that you feel God calling you to do? What is stopping you? What one step would you need to take to get started and be obedient? Will you take that step today? 

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Jeffery said...

I'm certain with God guiding you, it will take off and be a great ministry to those in the area.