Tuesday, September 13, 2011

But You Don't Know What I've Done!

Has your life taken a wrong turn somewhere? Maybe there's something in your past that no one knows about, something that happened years ago, in another lifetime. Maybe it was something you did - or didn't do - just yesterday. You really messed up!

First of all, welcome to the party! You're in good - or bad as the case may be - company.

Second, if you haven't already done so, read yesterday's post so you can be reminded that it's not at all about you.

Third, take heart. People like you are just the people God is looking for to demonstrate his grace and his ability to take the bad and the ugly and make them beautiful and useful tools for his kingdom. 

That's what chapter 12 of SUN STAND STILL, by Steven Furtick, is all about- God turning our mistakes into his miracles. 

In this chapter you will meet Norm, one of God's miracles. His story will humble and encourage you as it demonstrates the concepts of grace, forgiveness and restoration. 

Here are my two favorite quotes from this chapter:

"Nothing you've ever done is so repulsive that God can't redeem your potential
and love you through it."  (p.135)


"God's grace is so audacious that he will use the failure itself  to
show off just how capable he is." (p.129)

Well there is one more quote that I want to leave you with. Read it, consider it, and ask for God's guidance here. 

"The most powerful sin in your life is the one you haven't confessed yet." (p. 135)

It's your turn: What do you think of this last quote? Is there something big, bad and ugly that has a grip on you and won't let go? The only way to escape that is to bring it to Jesus. It will be forgiven the moment you ask and accept the pardon. 

Time to let go and let God redeem you and restore you so he can bless and use you!

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