Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chapter 13 - When the Sun goes Down!

This is a difficult chapter because it is about those times that God answers our audacious prayers with a "NO".

It is about learning to walk in audacious faith " matter what comes your way." (p. 136).

I think this is a critical message at this point in the book. If we're not careful we can take a left turn here and step into the "name it and claim it" sort of mindset. That is, if we pray the right words with all the right feelings we somehow back God into a corner so he HAS to answer our prayers and give us whatever we ask for. 

That's a very dangerous - and disappointing place to be. 

Audacious faith is just that: FAITH that makes no sense in circumstances that seem to indicate that God is not paying attention. It is about trust in God even when we can't figure out what he's doing and why. 

Here are some key points from this chapter:

  • God is not controlled by my faith
  • Audacious faith doesn't protect us from crises, it allows us to see the glory and power of God IN every crisis
  • Joshua would not have needed the sun to stand still if he had not been in a heated battle with the enemy of God
  • In times of adversity you have 2 choices: abandon your faith and get beaten to a bloody pulp, or stand in awe as you watch God fight for you
  • Throw the first punch: see every crisis as an opportunity to see God fight for you
  • Don't stop swinging: don't give up, compromise, or abandon your faith
  • See your crisis in the light of eternity and claim 2 Corinthians 4:17 "Our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all."
  • Sometimes we get to see the miracle - sometimes we get to be the miracle
  • God is working even when our prayers don't seem to be
God has a plan for each one of us. For many - if not all - of us, that plan includes adversity and trials; not to punish us and give us what we deserve, the Cross assures us that we will never get what we deserve. It is to allow us the privilege of being used by God to show his glory and might. To take that light to a world that needs to see him. .

If we can really wrap our heads and hearts around that, it will revolutionize our prayer lives. 

Does God have some sun stand still moments for us? Probably. He never does anything half-way. Will those moments be what we expect? Maybe, maybe not. 

Our job is to keep praying - communicating with him, keep trusting, and remember that whatever his answer to our prayer may be, it is the perfect answer, at the perfect time, to move toward the perfect fulfillment of his perfect plan. 

That much perfection only comes from God. He sees the big picture, he's directing the entire show. 

Next time you pray an audacious prayer and God doesn't seem to be answering, ask him to help you see his answer in light of his plan for you and for the world. Ask him to give you a deeper knowledge of himself, and ask for his help in remaining faithful so that others may see his light in the darkness of your adversity. 

The book is SUN STAND STILL: What happens when you dare to ask God for this impossible, by Steven Furtick. 

Tomorrow, chapter 14: Pray like a Juggernaut

It's your turn: what prayer have you been praying that God has not answered? Ask him for a deeper understanding of him through this time and speak your trust in him, not because you "feel" it, but because you trust in his promise. 

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