Friday, September 2, 2011

Chapter 5 - Ignite the Ordinary

What do you think of this statement:

"The ache of the ordinary is so common that many Christians settle for taking sedatives to numb the pain instead of pursuing treatment to cure the condition. But here's what I know: God is able to stir up your spirit, pour out his presence, and reveal 
his glory in your family, business or community. And in this chapter I want to show you that the extraordinary presence and purpose of God will burn brightly in the life of 
anyone willing to be set on fire."  (p.44)

I can think of several "sedatives" that we take to numb the pain. Can you? Are you "taking" some now? Maybe you soothe your conscience by checking off the attended Sunday School box, maybe it's saying the blessing before meals and considering that your prayer time. Maybe you donated some old stuff to the local ministry. That's a Christian thing to do, right? While all of those things and many more are good, they can truthfully be done by anyone - even a non-believer. They are all outward things that don't necessarily engage your heart and connect you with Jesus. They also will always fail miserably at providing fulfillment in your heart. 

So, how do you move your spiritual walk from mind-numbing, or non-existent to breathtakingly bold? Steven Furtick has a few ideas. 

In this chapter you will:
  • meet ordinary George
  • learn about being a connector to the current
  • rethink the concept of ministry
  • be challenged out of your complacency
  • be challenged to let go of your excuses

Here's another great quote from Steven:

"You might be thinking you're unimpressive and unqualified. That's 
good. God performs the most impressive feats through the most 
unimpressive people. God likes to wet the wood before he sets it on 
fire. That way, everybody knows who made it burn (1 Kings 18:33-38)."  (p.54)

Repeat after me:  "It's not about me. It's not about me."

It's always about God: not how holy and spiritual we feel at the beginning of every day; not how much of the Bible we've read and/or memorized; not how wonderful people think we are or how proud we may be of ourselves. God can use us on our very worst day just like he uses us when we're at our best. It might even be better on a bad day because we're so much more aware that we need him. 

The key to each of those situations and the one constant in each is God. His plan, his power, his outcome. 

What if every day we asked God to do a mighty work in us - to ignite us with his vision and power - no matter how we felt, and what if we looked for opportunities each day to make a difference because of how we talk, act, treat others, perform our jobs...

Would it be life-changing - world changing?  What do you think?

It's your turn for a challenge:  Today ask God to set you on fire for him, to ignite his vision in your heart. It's a daringly audacious thing to pray. Will you do it? 

Steven Furtick's book is, SUN STAND STILL: What happens when you dare to ask God for the impossible.  Click here for more about Steven and his ministry Steven Furtick

Thanks for joining me today. Take the weekend off  :) and come back Monday for a quick look at chapter 6: Wave Jumper.  Hmm...wonder what that one's about????

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