Monday, September 5, 2011

Chapter 6 - Wave Jumper

Do you have 'kiddie-pool' Christianity? Do you always want to stay in the shallow water where it's safe? Or, do you want to wade out where the waves are big and strong, the water is deep, and you can't see what's swimming around out there with you? 

Chapter 6 of SUN STAND STILL, by Steven Furtick is all about getting out there where the action is - where the waves are. A child's game he plays with his son illustrates the concept beautifully. 

Here's a quote or two (out of the many great ones in this chapter) that I highlighted to remember:

"Maybe you're afraid that if you pray a Sun Stand Still prayer and live by
audacious faith, you'll end up letting God down. But the reality is, 
you were never holding him up." (p.65)

"A healthy dose of fear can bring you to a place of dependence
on Jesus. That's always a good thing." (p.67)

And one more:

"After a while, you begin to trust that God is going to lift you 
above the waves this time just like he did last time." (p.66)

This last one really makes me consider the decisions I make every day. How many times do I step out on faith and do something for Jesus? If I did it more often, would my faith be stronger or my trust greater? Would I know that God will guide me and provide for me when I get to tomorrow because I trusted him to do that very thing today? 

Will I trust his faithfulness today because he didn't leave me alone yesterday? 

Today I am asking God to help me see and remember all of the times he's been there for me - specifics. When I remember his faithfulness in the past it gives me strength to step out on faith in the present and to be ready to act when he answers my audacious prayers. 

How do humility and confidence factor into this audacious faith? You need to read chapter 6 to find out.

See you tomorrow for chapter 7: Tiny Babies, Giant Faith

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