Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Call Me...

We finished our week of revival last night and our worship leader talked about some of the ways you know someone is saved. It all has to do with how much like Christ we become. This can be seen in our
attitudes - actions - countenance - the fruits of our lives, and it should be consistent in every area of our lives. 

It reminded me of a post by Allen Arnold that posed the question, "What if you didn't have a name?" Click  here to read the short post. 

What if you didn't have a name? What if instead, you were known by what you did and your attitude in doing it? What would we call you? 

Would you be happy with the description? Would I? 

Every day we have an opportunity to be different, to shine a light 
in a dark world; one chance to be a "Little Christ". 

At the end of the day, what label would you give yourself? What do you think others see? If you are less than pleased with the answer don't be discouraged. It's never too late to allow God to touch your life, your heart, and your attitude and change them into things he can use for his glory. 

Take a few minutes right now to take inventory of this past week. How did you do? What do you need to take before God for his touch and blessing? Take time to do that now, pay attention during the day, and be in constant prayer. Most importantly, trust him to do a good work in you today. 

It's your turn: what would you like your label to be? Post it here. 

prayer warrior                       helper                    kind neighbor                 LEADER

              Godly parent          encourager                wise counselor              FRIEND

PROVIDER                       teacher                          peacemaker                           faithful             


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