Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pray like your God is able!

We've been talking about audacious faith which is grounded in the Word and fueled by audacious prayer. But what exactly is audacious prayer?

Chapter 14 of Steven Furtick's book, SUN STAND STILL: What happens when you dare to ask God for a miracle, is entitled, Pray Like a Juggernaut.

A juggernaut is, in short, a massive force that crushes anything in its path. It is unstoppable. So it is with audacious prayer. But can the average person pray that kind of prayer?

Well, we have to remember two things:

1) First we're all the 'average person' - there are no spiritual giants here
2) It's not about the pray-er - it's about the One to whom we pray

Remember this verse from James (5:17):

"Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would
not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a
half years"  (emphasis mine)

Did Elijah have the power to hold back the rain for three and a half years? or three days? hours? minutes? Not anymore than we do. His God did, though. His God who, by the way, is our God. The same yesterday, today, and forever!

Here's a quote from Steven we need to consider:

"The tragedy of our time is that we have taken what was 
meant to be ordinary and made it exceptional. We've put 
audacity on the highest shelf, out of reach, and declared
it off limits." (p. 152)

What about this one:

"...Elijah and Joshua had the audacity to pray prayers that lived
up to God's character, God' heart, God's resources, God's will, and
God's abilities." (p.152)

WOW! When was the last time you prayed a prayer like that?

How do you pray prayers like that?  Three things to remember:

1) We have to reconcile our dreams to God's plans.The power is in praying according to his will.

2) We need to remind God of what He knows and has promised us. Not that he forgets, but we need to be reminded. Pray scripture. That's very powerful.

3) Don't pray and ask God for what you deserve. I don't think I need to clarify this. Really. But just in case...Jesus died on the cross for us specifically so we would NOT get what we deserve. Audacious praying is not about getting all of the blessings we've somehow earned. It is about unleashing the power of God in our lives to fulfill his purpose and glorify his name. Let's don't forget that!

So many good quotes here but I'll leave you with this one:

"Sun Stand Still prayers aren't about changing God's mind. They're
about changing your heart, activating your faith, and
developing your confidence in God's Word and character." (p.162).

How do our prayers stack up? If you're like me, you have some work to do - or rather to allow God to do. Remember, it's not about you. Ask God today to guide you toward audacious praying. Trust him to do that, and ask him for a heart that is open and willing to hear and obey. 

It's your turn: Is God leading you to pray an audacious prayer? What is stopping you? Find a scripture promise that you can pray as part of this prayer and expect God to live up to his promise to you. 

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