Monday, September 12, 2011

Watch where you step!

Chapter 11 of SUN STAND STILL, by Steven Furtick, is about "The Solid Ground of Audacious Faith"

It makes sense that before you go praying audacious prayers and stepping out on audacious faith to do audacious things you want to be sure where you're stepping, and on what. Right?

Speaking only for myself here, although I believe that I'm in good company, I get it wrong so often, without even realizing it. Here's how...

When I face a crisis, a task, a project, a ministry opportunity my first thought is:

  • am I good enough to do this?      NO
  • do I have ALL the skills to do this?    NO
  • have I prayed enough to do this?    NO
  • do I have enough scripture memorized to do this? NO
  •  have I been a faithful enough servant to do this? NO
  • do I have control of the outcome of this? NO
Okay, are you seeing a pattern here? Let me show you. 

Any time my questions begin with, "do I", "have I", "can I", "am I" the answers will always be "NO". Always. 

When my questions are: "Does God", "can God", "will God", "is God"  the answers are always "YES"!

  • Is God always faithful?  YES!
  • Can God make this work?  YES!
  • Will God provide what I need? YES!
  • Does God know about me? YES!
  • Can God use someone like me?  YES!
I need to post this everywhere I go so I don't forget it. 


Here is my favorite quote from this chapter:

"My faith is in Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior 
of the world. My faith isn't even in my ability to
believe in Jesus, because sometimes I won't be able to
perceive him. Sometimes I won't be able to 
feel him. Sometimes I will have doubts. But my faith
isn't in any of that. My faith is in his faithfulness." (p.123)

I think that if I can really get my head around that it will be life changing for me. That is my prayer today...that God will help me to be always conscious of the fact that it is always him. It is never me, even on my best day. 

I know this is my head and don't disagree with it at all. I pray that God will embed it in my soul.

It's your turn: what is it that you are trying to do on your own? Ask God to show you in your life what you need to release to him, and ask him for the courage to do it. He will. He is always faithful. 

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