Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Woman (or man) of Faith


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           THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: 

"We are not religious persons because we read the Bible, pray,
and say the proper words. We are persons of faith when we
are exercising the capacity that each of us has to be a priest -
when we are about the business of healing divisions that exist
within us, between us, and among us. The strange thing 
about our being priests is that we heal ourselves as we engage in
binding up the wounds of others."

-Elizabeth O'Connor, from SERVANT LEADERS, SERVANT STRUCTURES (The Servant Leadership School, 1991)

Don't miss the next five chapter reviews from SUN STAND STILL, by Steven Furtick. This week, Monday through Friday we'll get a little peek at such topics as:
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  • Tiny babies, Giant faith
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  • Hear.Speak. Do. 
If your looking for a little kick in the pants and some inspiration you don't want to miss it.

See you tomorrow for some more audacious faith!

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