Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I met a new friend in one of my writer's groups this week, and at the end of one of her emails she prayed for me. It wasn't a long prayer, just a few sentences really, but in those lines she asked for God's blessing on my life and my writing, and for God's leading in my life. It was such a wonderful gift and I truly felt blessed.

It made me think about how often I put my prayers for others in writing to send to them. I have several people for whom I'm praying right now that I don't see often, and a couple of them I've never met in person. They have asked for prayer, though, and as God leads me to scripture to pray for them, I've written my prayers and sent them to these individuals, hoping that they will find them comforting, encouraging and uplifting. The response is always positive, and God seems to lead to the perfect part of His Word to use as I pray. 

I think I'd like to do this more. I love it when someone writes me back and says, "That's the exact verse I needed today." That's such a God-thing, and such a privilege to be used by God to touch someone's life. 

So today I'd like to pray for you. 

Father thank you for the privilege and ministry of prayer. I pray for each person who reads this post today. I don't know who they are but you do. I don't know the battles they face but you not only know about them, you have already fought those battles and won. I don't know the fears they face and the burdens they carry today but you do, and you've promised that you will carry any burden we surrender to you. I pray that you will help them to stand still and see your glory today. Remind them that every battle they face is yours. The victory is yours. They are yours. Bless them today, Lord, with a deeper vision of you. Protect them as they go into the world today as your ambassadors. Give them the words to say, the courage to say them, and the wisdom to remember that you make all things work together for your good purpose in your perfect time. Mostly today I pray that they will go out into the day knowing that they are abundantly and perfectly loved by you, always in your care, and always held as a precious treasure in your hands. Help them to love someone in your name today. I claim your victory for them today, Lord, in every way. Help us all to go out in victory in your name. I pray this in the mighty, overcoming, delivering name of Jesus. Amen, Lord, let it be.

Send a prayer to someone today. Let them know God has placed them on your heart, and offer them a beautiful blessing. 

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