Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fun thanks and a little shameless self-promotion!

Back in September I entered a "Flash Fiction" contest sponsored by the Colorado group of the ACFW -American Christian Fiction Writers. You can click on the icon to visit their website.
ACFW Colorado

In this contest you are given a beginning line, an ending line, and a non sequiter that must be used somewhere in the first part of the story. Everyone gets the same lines. For this contest they were:

Opening line:  'There she was, Amy Gerstein, over by the pool kissing my father'

Closing line: 'That tear in her dress'

Non sequiter:  'a diamond bracelet in the back of the car'

Interesting, huh? I don't know how many entries there were, but I would love to know how many different stories were imagined based on those three lines.

Anyway, here comes the shameless self promotion:  I won second place! My first contest win EVER! I wrote a story called  "Escaping Amy Gerstein", and apparently the judge liked it - he called my ending clever! That just made my little heart sing. I am excited by the win, but the more amazing thing is that God provides encouragement and validation along our journey's just when we need it. Did I need to win to keep writing? No.Did I need to win to know that God has a purpose for my writing? No. Was it a really cool email to open? OH YEAH! In fact, I sat and reread it several times, just to let it soak in. If you want to see a list of the winners on the ACFW site just click on the icon below.
HIS Writers Flash Fiction 1st Place Winner

I think that God grants moments of encouragement to all of us and we need to remember to be thankful for each one. I never want to take a single blessing for granted, do you?

Take a moment a leave a comment. Tell us about a little blessing that made a big impact on you.

If you want to read my little story, click on the Flash Fiction contest tab and read away. Thanks for visiting today. I hope that Saturday is a wonderful day of rest and relaxation for you.


Joy said...

Happy Saturday to you Sherri -- Am so happy for you!!!!!! I can't wait to read it, but had to comment right away! You know I have always believed in your fiction writing and am amazed at your ability to spin a story that draws me in so quickly. I still wonder what happened to some of the characters in the chapters i read. That's a sign of an amazing writer. You go girl and thank you to God for giving you encouragement just when you need it! Hugs!!!!

Joy said...

OK, Just read the story and I agree with the judge -- the ending is spectacular! I felt myself grinning ear to ear! You clever you!