Monday, November 7, 2011

The Little Things

Today I am giving thanks for the little everyday things that bring me such pleasure and enjoyment. I once read about a woman who kept a gratitude journal. Every morning as part of her quiet time she would list in her journal all the things that were special and precious to her from the previous day. Sometimes it was someone special, sometimes it was simply a sound or a smell or something she saw during the day. There were so many things that happened that she often forgot about them and forgot to be thankful for them.

When she started listing these things in her journal she found that she was much more aware of them throughout the day. She began looking for the blessings of God in little things and making an effort to specifically thank him for each one.

Several things happened. The little things that used to annoy her all the time suddenly had less power to disrupt her day. She was too busy counting her blessings. She found herself more open to hearing God speak during the day because she was listening for him and watching for his hand working in her life. She stopped putting herself at the forefront of every day, and returned God to his rightful place in her life.

In other words, living with a thankful heart every day helped her to see God in everything. It put life and its troubles back into perspective and freed her from the bondage of anger and frustration, pettiness and small-mindedness.

All because she started to count her blessings every day.

Following her example, here are some of the blessings for which I am thankful today:

  • warmth from the sun soaking into my bones as I stepped outside
  • a good book
  • a candle that smells like chocolate
  • a husband who loves, encourages and supports me
  • my home
  • a car that runs and is paid for
  • my job
  • laundry that is completely finished
  • an office that is neat and organized
  • DVDs of the original  Hawaii 5-O series (still have a crush on Steve McGarrett!)
I could continue for a long time. My blessings are many and varied. I needed to remind myself of that, and to remember that in times of the greatest chaos and stress God is mightily at work. Instead of grumbling like someone with no hope, I need to be waiting in grateful anticipation to see the victory of his hand. 

Have you become so focused on your trials and troubles that you have forgotten to be thankful for the little things? You can change that right now. Stop and write down three things for which you are thankful. Once you get started it's hard to stop, so don't! Begin a gratitude journal in which you record your blessings every day. You'll be amazed at the change in you. 

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