Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Please join me in praying...

If you're visiting the post today I would be especially grateful if you would take a moment and pray for my friend Tracy's family. Her funeral is today and it will be one more in a line of unbelievably difficult things for the family to endure.

I can't imagine the heaviness of their hearts...but God is bearing it with them and holding them up.

I can't imagine the emptiness, the hole left by her passing...but God knows the pain of losing your most precious loved one.

I can't imagine facing a future without the one I love the most...but God knows the future and has a plan - a beautiful plan full of love and grace and healing.

So many things I can't imagine, for which I'm grateful. One thing I don't have to imagine, though, is the presence of God. He is there in every moment, the best and the worst.

Tracy loved Jesus and she's with him now. She also had the privilege of seeing both her girls give their hearts to him. Even though she never would have imagined this, I know that she trusted her girls to God's love and care and believed in his promise for them.

She trusted her Christian friends and family to lift her family up in prayer, not just today, but in the days to come.

What a privilege it is to lift one another up in prayer. It is the way we release the power of God into our lives. Imagine God granting us that gift!

Thank you Lord for the gift of intercession. Thank you for the life and testimony of Tracy and her family, that even in their worst grief they honor and trust you. Thank you for walking with them in this time of unbearable loss. Protect them, love them, and give them the peace that is beyond all understanding. You are an awesome God! 

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