Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Right before my eyes!

It's so easy for our perspectives to become skewed, isn't it? When you work in certain fields you are so overexposed to things that you tend to think everyone in the world is like that. When you work in corrections you tend to see the worst in people and begin to believe that all people are bad and untrustworthy. When I worked as a counselor in a community mental health center years ago it seemed that everyone I saw - adult and child - had a history of childhood sexual abuse. I began to equate the name of that town with this tragic issue. If you work with troubled teens you may begin to think that all teenagers are horrible monsters that should be sent to military school until they're thirty-five and someones else's problem (just kidding about that one, a little!).

My point is, sometimes in the midst of our work we need to come up for air and for perspective. Balance is important in life. God made us holistic creatures, many parts that make up the whole, and each part needs it's own time for expression, renewal, and rest. It's amazing to me how God knows just the right time to bring us what we need.  

Lately I've been seeing and hearing so much that makes me wonder if there are any good, kind, giving people left in the world. I won't go into detail here, but you know what I mean. Just watch the news or read your newspaper. So very discouraging!

Today, though, I am thankful for those who persevere daily. They live from the goodness of their hearts and kindness and compassion flow through them to others - and they inspire and renew my soul. Think over the last few days. Who have you seen speak a kind word, offer a hug, take time to listen, prepare a meal, go the extra mile, just because they can and it's the right thing to do? Those things inspire me and restore my faith in the part of us that is created in the image of  God. 

Some days I need that desperately, and God always seems to know. He makes sure I catch a glimpse of someone being kind, hear a snippet of a conversation between friends sharing a laugh and encouraging one another, or see someone take on a task just because they can help. 

I want to inspire others the way God allows me to be encouraged and inspired so today I will make a conscious effort to commit a few random acts of kindness. I will do something wonderful and anonymous and
it will make me smile all day long as I think about the recipient of my act of kindness wondering about it all day long. Will they wonder if I'm 'religious' or a Christian or a fanatic or some kind of kook? I don't know, but they will wonder something, and maybe they, too will be inspired to pass along a random act of kindness.  

Ask God to make you aware today of the things that people do around you that reflect his image and goodness. Don't miss those things in the chaos of your day. Let him inspire and renew you through those things, and be willing to be the instrument of someone else's inspiration. 

Today, thank God for those who inspire you every day. 

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