Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fasting to Freedom - more thoughts from my fasting journal.


We all have them.

Some of us nurture them into full blown reality.

Some of us flounder around playing at living our dreams. 

Some of us fear our dreams and keep them well hidden, sometimes even from ourselves.

Some of us think that if our dreams do not fall into the category of "churchy" or "spiritual" they cannot possibly be from God. 

Have you ever kept your dream a secret because it didn't match someone else's? Have you worried about breaking new ground by pursuing your dream in your own way? Have you ever worried more about pleasing someone else than you did about pleasing God? 

I have. 

This relates specifically to my dream of writing. I have dedicated my writing to God, but have worried about the direction I'm heading. It doesn't seem to be following the "usual" path of such things, whatever that is. 

As I fasted and continued that sweet communion with God I realized what I was doing. God has given me a gift that he plans to use and I keep trying to make it mine and compare it and myself to other people. It's exhausting, and one benefit of my fast is that I almost never do that anymore. Almost. I'm still working on this, but it's been a very freeing experience. 

Here is a snippet from my prayer journal. I highlighted this part when I wrote it because it was very powerful to me then, and continues to be today:

"May I never minimize your calling and mission field
in my life because I have held it to the standard of 
another flawed creature like me and wondered what they 
thought of it. Free me from that lie from the enemy 
and let my only goal be your pleasure in me every day."


This is another benefit of fasting. When we get a deeper look at God and a fuller understanding of who he is, we can't help but see ourselves differently as well. We see ourselves more as he sees us as our vision tightens in on him and we look more at him and less at ourselves. The flaws and imperfections take on a new meaning as vehicles for us to display his grace, redemption, mercy and restoration power. 

We embrace a new understanding of what it means to be created in this way, at this time, for his purpose. The truth of who we are in Christ. The truth shall set you free! 

What things in your life do you hold to the scrutiny of others instead of Christ? Are you ready for him to change that? Are you ready to be free?

I am praying for you. 


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