Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What a great job!

The angel Gabriel has the greatest job, don't you think? Listen to what he says in the first part of Luke:
I am Gabriel.
I stand in the presence of God,
and I have been sent to speak to you
and to tell you this good news.

Can you even imagine? What if your place of work every day was in the presence of God? Oh, wait a minute. That's is! 

Now we are not exactly standing by the throne of God like Gabriel did, but the Spirit of God is living in us and we are in his presence every moment of every day. Just like Gabriel. 

And just like Gabriel we have been sent to tell the good news (read the Great Commission, Matt 28:18-20). 

This time of year and all year long people need to hear the Christmas story from those of us who know it and live it every day. It doesn't stop with the baby in the manager. It's just getting started.  

People need to know why Christmas matters. More and more every year I hear people who are tired and exhausted by the Christmas rush that has nothing to do with Christmas at all. Instead of being encouraged and invigorated by the power of God in their lives they are exhausted and stressed by the fanfare and left feeling empty and deeper in debt when all is said and done. 

We can be like Gabriel bringing the good news of Christ to those who are empty and worn out. We have been sent to speak to them to tell them this good news. 

Who have you told this year? Who do you need to tell? Do it right away. Let people know what Christmas will mean to you on January 1, and April 15, and September 11... What difference does it make to you? What difference can it make for them? 

The world around us is hurting and seeking and dying. We have the answer in Jesus. That is what Christmas means. It means that whatever we face, no matter how terrible it is, the battle has already been won. God makes all things new. He redeems us and restores us and loves us. 

There is someone you know right now who thinks that they have made such a mess of their life that nothing can fix it. That person needs to hear the words that Gabriel spoke to Mary:

"...Nothing is impossible with God."

Good news? We have it in such overflowing abundance. Let the real good news of Christmas transform lives as you speak it to those who need to hear. 

God bless you with the real good news of Christmas.


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