Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The First Day of Lent - February 22, 2012

I can only imagine…

Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man,
all that God has prepared for those who love Him.”
2 Corinthians 2:9

Lent: a period of forty days (excluding Sundays) set aside for fasting and penitence (feelings of guilt and remorse for misdeeds and sins).

We are entering a time of Lent leading up to a celebration of Easter – the victory of Christ over sin and death. The moment we accepted Him as our Savior we were changed forever. From that moment on He has been working in us to make us more like Him.

We have all witnessed the miraculous working of His hand in the lives of others and in ourselves. That’s just the tip of the iceberg; a promise of things to come.

As we begin this time of prayer and seeking God, search your own heart with God’s help. Ask him to look inside all the hidden places that you don’t even go yourself.

  • Ask for the courage to look at the things he shows you
  • Ask for strength to trust him to have your best interest at heart
  • Ask him for the courage to let him change you

What is on your heart right now? Are you willing to give it to him during this season of fasting and penitence? What would it be like to really trust him with your whole self? 

What if...

Remember that God has a plan for you so great you cannot imagine it. Ask him what it is. Keep asking until he shows you, but be sure you are ready to hear it and act on it. He will come in and move things around - and out - and it may not be comfortable. In fact, it may be downright painful, but imagine the sparkling clean, ready to be used YOU that will be left. Do you want that for your life? I do. 

I want God to show me things in the next 46 days that I have never dreamed. I want to know him better and be more like him when we are done, don't you. Let's pray for one another, encourage each other, and lift each other up to the cross where life changes forever for those who seek him. 

I am praying for you. 


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