Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ministry Project Update


Jackson County Community Emergency Shelters

It's official. We have a website and a Facebook page!

 JCCES is a 14 day emergency shelter - one for men and one for women - that will provide assistance to anyone passing through who needs help and to those who are Jackson County residents who have been affected by the economy, loss of a job, illness, whatever has left them without adequate housing. 

By working with agencies already established in the community JCCES will assess needs and provide referrals, monetary assistance for travel to get back home as needed and long-term planning with the ultimate goal of restoring individuals to self-sufficiency. 

Many local agencies have already partnered with JCCES and we are always looking for others. This is a team effort and so many have already joined our group in an advisory/support capacity. 

Currently we are looking at land/buildings to house our clients and will be looking for house managers as well. We are taking donations for items to furnish the homes so if you are cleaning out closets keep us in mind. We'll even pick it up for you! 

As soon as we have a place we'll be ready to open our doors and begin what we hope will be a life-changing ministry. God is already working in the hearts of those who will come to us preparing them to hear about his love. 

Our program director, Pastor Aida Spina recently sat down with Royce Reagan for an interview. Click here JCCES to see the interview and to see our official website. It's a work in progress but it will give you a good look at what's going on, how you can be involved and how you can help. 

You can also check out our Facebook page here: JCCES on Facebook .

The most important thing we need now and always is prayer. This is a ministry even though it's not called that. It is being developed by people who feel called to do this, but like anything with the potential to reach people for Christ we know there will be opposition. It's a spiritual battle and those are only won by prayer and fasting and keeping the ministry and all those involved before the cross daily. 

Please make this ministry a regular item on your prayer list. 

Contact information for board members is provided on the website so if you have any questions or would like for someone to come talk to your organization about JCCES, please let us know. 

Thank you for stopping by today. Please help us spread the word about this ministry. We hope to be up and running soon. 


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