Monday, February 20, 2012


What will you give up for lent?

Have you decided what you will give up for lent this year? I'm still thinking about it. Right now I'm leaning towards caffeine. I always feel better when I'm not drinking so much, and I definitely sleep better! Having said that, I know that I'll still miss it...maybe a little. 

Remember as you are deciding what to give up that Sundays don't count (But why start over again every Monday? Ugh!), and more to the point, the purpose of fasting is to focus on prayer and seeking a deeper walk with God. Isn't that worth a little deprivation?

As you  prepare to fast begin to pray for God to help you stay focused and free from distractions. Ask for his help with cravings and remember to let a craving for something become a trigger for you to pray. 

It doesn't really matter what you give up for lent, but it should be something that you will miss. If you don't like chocolate, giving up chocolate for lent is just wimping out - cheating. Don't do that. You will only cheat yourself in the long run. 

The Season of Lent begins this Wednesday. Ash Wednesday. Get ready. Gather your Bible, a journal or notepad, pens and highlighters together so you're ready to begin. Let your family know what you are doing and ask for their support, even if they aren't fasting. 

If you've never fasted before I think you will find it a wonderful experience. If you have, you know what awaits you in your time with God. 

So...what will you give up for Lent this year? Share a comment below and let's pray for each other. What a privilege that is!

See you on Wednesday.