Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little Ecclesiastical License...

It's Friday...

Normally the last work day of the week. I'm taking this one off though with the intention of doing some catching up with writing and laundry and relaxing. It's my personal extension of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 -  a time for everything. Today is a time to get things back in order - my home and my schedule - so next week can start smoothly.

That's the plan, anyway.

Jesus set a wonderful example for us, didn't he? He had the most important mission in the history of the world and he had only three years to complete it. And still he rested when he needed to. 

Next week I'm starting a series of posts on refreshing our brothers and sisters in Christ. To do that we need to let the Spirit refresh us through His word, prayer, and rest. 

What refreshes you? What takes you away from the obligations and stresses of life and washes them away? What helps you keep going? 

This weekend I will fill my new flower bed with color, working in the dirt with my hands and concentrating on making my yard look beautiful. It's a luxury, and one we don't indulge in often, but the weather is beautiful, the sunshine is warm and soothing, and for just a few hours I will soak it up and enjoy the blessing of home and family. 

Do you need to be refreshed this weekend? What will you do to make that happen?

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Rest, worship, relax and recharge. 

I am praying for you.


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