Friday, May 11, 2012

Committing All of You

I'm spending a lot of time thinking about my dream of writing and praying about it. I find myself recommitting my writing to God and praying that He will use it to minister to others and to bring glory to Himself. 

I'm very sincere about that and I believe that God knows my heart, but lately as I pray God has been talking to me about other areas. He knows that this dream has been totally given over to Him, but He also knows that there are other things that have not. 

In short, God demands a one hundred percent commitment from me. Offering the gift of my writing is not pleasing to Him if I hold back the rest of me. 

Do I have a sense of entitlement? Do I act and live as though favor in one area of my life allows me to slack on others? I don't want to think so, but I need to take a long, hard look - through the eyes of Jesus - at my heart. My whole heart. 

Can you relate? Have you handed over every area of your life except that one that you just can't seem to release? 

This is  significant because it is a matter of obedience and relationship. Do I get in God's face - figuratively speaking - and tell Him to be grateful for what He has, or do I make it a priority, every day, to nurture my relationship with Him and allow Him to grow and nourish my dream out of that wellspring of living water? 

Whatever your dream - and I hope that it is God-sized - be sure that it is committed to God, but be sure everything else is as well. Ask God to help you see whatever you may be holding back, and to give you the courage and desire to leave it in His hands. 

God promises to direct our paths when we commit our plans to Him. He also tells us that He doesn't look at the outward trappings of the human standards of success. He looks at our hearts. He knows us better than we could ever know ourselves, and His plans are best. 

I am praying for you. 


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