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"Letting Go" with Staci Stallings, Part 2

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To some extent there might not be a way around this feeling totally; however, I don’t think it is completely inevitable. You see, I have found a way (not foolproof but pretty close) to weather this storm and let the manuscript grow as God intended it to. It’s called, “Let Go.”
That’s the short version of having a “Leave Everything To God Opportunity.” These types of opportunities are all around us. They are in the panic of a mother when her child is sick. They are in the stress of a business owner who just placed a major bid and then realizes or suspects he missed something. They are in the quiet reaches of our own souls every time we feel that maybe we haven’t quite done enough in a given situation.
Here is what I told my author friend, and here is my advice to you. When you have a “Leave Everything To God Opportunity,” realize that if you could do it alone, God wouldn’t have made everyone else. Each of us has our own, unique experience that we bring to a situation. In short, each of us has a piece of the puzzle to fill in. As writers, we must realize that just because we couldn’t see the piece that someone else lays before us that doesn’t mean we don’t have skill, talent or desire, it just means that they have a different perspective, a different piece to fit into the mosaic of the work.
Instead of abhorring the pieces that someone else fills in, bless them. They just made your puzzle make more sense than it ever could have without that piece. Then thank God for bringing that piece into your life. When you begin to do that, you can then begin to slowly let go earlier and earlier in the process, and the puzzle can come together while you are building it rather than you having to knock it all apart and rebuild it later.
It’s not easy for any of us to do, but when you think in terms of “Leave Everything To God Opportunities,” the storms of life begin to look less frightening and more manageable than ever before. So try it today. Let Go, and see if He doesn’t hand you a piece that on your own you couldn’t have known or found but one that makes the whole puzzle fit in a way that it never could have without it. Then celebrate because you have now found the key to how God intended all of us to live, and that key will unlock doors you never imagined could open to you.
Let Go. Let God, and enjoy every “Leave Everything To God Opportunity” that comes your way.

Well, writers can relate, but this lesson is for all of us. God made us to need one another, but mostly to need him. How can you relate Staci's lessons to your own life?  Thank you, Staci, for sharing your heart and God's with us. May he bless your writing and use it to bless others. 

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