Wednesday, May 16, 2012


...because HE cares for you!

I read a blog post today about a woman who prayed about many aspects of her writing career with one exception...

She didn't pray about promotion and marketing. 

Could it be that there are some things that we should NOT ask God's guidance for? 

As an aspiring writer, and one who will hopefully someday be promoting my own book, I had to stop and think about this for a minute. 

Is marketing just too unseemly to take before God for His blessing? 

Is self promotion sinful? 

They are certainly things that make us uncomfortable, aren't they? It's like praying for God to make you successful in your work. What if your work is making money and investing for others? Is it wrong to pray for that kind of success? 

I don't think so. I think that these things have such a stigma because we know people who famously focus on them in ways that reek of greed, pride and a complete lack of ethics. 

Can you think of any situations that more desperately need the cover of prayer? 

When scripture tells us to pray about everything there is a reason. There is not a situation, hope, dream, problem, obstacle, fear or ambition that does not need to be bathed in prayer and dedicated to the Lord. 

For writers, marketing and promotion are now as big a part of the process as writing the book. Are there ways to do that that will honor God and bring glory to Him? Absolutely! That's why we must never think that God is not interested in any aspect of our lives.

What is it in your life that you have deemed unholy or unspiritual enough that it should not be brought before the throne? 

Begin today to rethink that. Begin talking to God about it.



It's so simple and yet we make it so hard! Talk to Him. Tell him what is on your mind. Ask Him what He thinks you need to do and take time to listen. Let Him guide your heart. Let Him guard your heart.

What dreams do you hold in your heart? Have you prayed about every aspect of them? Every one? 

If you truly seek His will you cannot withhold any aspect from Him. Try it. Try Him. You will always find Him faithful.

What is something that you think God could not possibly be interested in?

I'm praying for you today.


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