Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time to say thanks...

We are created for community. We need each other. 

Over the years I have learned this in various aspects of my life: school, work, family... 

Now, as I have spent the past 18 months getting deeper into the world of writing and publishing I am learning it over and over again. Last year I joined a group called ACFW - American Christian Fiction Writers - and have fallen in love with a group of people I have yet to meet. 

One of the amazing things about this group is that it is comprised of people at all levels of the writing experience: from the newest of the new (babies - that's me!) to multi-published, multi- award-winning authors who write stories that are made into movies. Yes, I hob-nob on line with these people and you know what? The second amazing thing about this group is this:

they LOVE to share. They've learned some things the hard way and they are anxious to share their journey and tips and tricks. They offer suggestions, share examples, proof read, share resources, offer encouragement...

The list goes on and on. They also offer all of this with enthusiasm and a complete lack of judgment. 

This weekend I had a little issue with the blog and panicked. Not outwardly, of course, that wouldn't be cool. But inside I was having visions of never getting it back to normal and having to start all over again...

I sent out an S.O.S. on line, told them what the problem was and asked for suggestions. Anything! And I got...

The exact answer that I needed and a lot of understanding. I'm not the only one who's had this issue, AND, I've had some great conversations with people who offered help. Problem solved, and message received. God provides people who need us and whom we need, and in the course giving and receiving help, we also receive blessings abundant and amazing. 


What do you need help with right now? 

Who has God placed in your life to help you?

Who has God place in your life that needs your help?

We are made for community. We are provided with the privilege and blessing of helping one another. 

Do we rise to the occasion or do we miss opportunities because we are too busy being self-sufficient? 

Just a little something to think about today. 

I experienced a deep feeling of gratitude today and wanted to share. Hope you will too. 

Thank you ACFW!

When was the last time you accepted or offered help? Tell us about it. 

I'm praying for you today. 


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