Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Being Teachable

Part of writing for publication - a huge part - is critiquing and editing and rewriting. That means you take your baby, the one you've worked on for weeks, months, maybe years, and you hand it to someone whose job it is to take it apart little by little. 

The purpose of that, of course, is to create a refined, highly polished product ready for the public. Something that you can be proud of, and that will speak to those who read it. 

It all sounds very professional and appropriate.

It just doesn't feel that way. It feels very personal, and it's so easy to get defensive. That's human and understandable. That response, though, can get in the way of achieving your goal, and by extension your dream and God's plan.

Remember that God allows us dreams for his purpose. He is always teaching us, molding and refining us. The editing and critiquing process is not only to refine our work, it is to refine us as well. 

So how do we approach this? Here are a few suggestions:

  • pray for God's vision
  • submit yourself and your work to God - every time you sit down to write
  • pray that you will remember your ultimate goal - honoring God
  • remember that the way you respond to critiques and criticism is in itself a testimony - it can be positive or negative
  • embrace the learning and growing that are a part of this process - you are better for it
  • be willing to share with others what you have learned. Part of the experience is that there will always be people more skillful and knowledgeable than you are AND there will always be those just starting out. Be eager to bless others as you are blessed and helped. Pass it on. 
  • keep it in perspective - it's one part of the experience
  • be thankful - never forget, every day, to thank God for opening this door for you. Thank him for every part of it, and for what he will do with it and you. 
Learning and growing is a lifelong profession no matter what your field. Just like our Christian walk, the journey of our dream is a day by day experience with adventures, dangers, victories and fun. 

Where are you on your journey right now? What is God teaching you?

...praying for you


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