Monday, June 18, 2012

The plank in my own eye

Too quick to throw stones?

We all know the story of the woman caught in adultery and Jesus' response. If you're like me, you are quick to condemn the men involved in that fiasco but a little slower to recognize that mindset in yourself. Does that sound like you? It sure sounds like me. 

In trying to live a Christian life we all have different convictions regarding the appropriateness of one activity or another. For example, some of us are raised to believe that Christians don't drink - ever. For others it is not a problem. Some are convicted about "R" rated movies while others attend frequently. 

Unfortunately we all get caught up in what we believe is right and look down on those who have a different opinion. This works both ways. One group sees a more liberal person as reckless and sinful, while they themselves are viewed as prudish and out of touch with reality. 

This is not the freedom Christ came to bring us. His first law is this: love God with everything in you. The second one is still a love command: love others as you love yourself. 

What is not there? Judging - condemnation - elitism.

It is not our place to judge but to love. How can anyone believe that God loves them if we can't. Here's another thought: it's wrong to love someone with the idea of changing them to make them more like our idea of a Christian. That's loving with strings attached and that is not God's way. 

What person do you find difficult to love? 
  • the party girl who gets drunk every weekend?
  • the guy who hits on every woman in site and sleeps around?
  • the rich kid who has everything he/she wants?
  • the gay man who works in the cubicle next to you?

What is your bias? Are you ready to give it Jesus for him to refine?

Remember, we don't love people so we can change them. We love them for the same reason that God loves us:

we desperately need it.

Loving someone does not mean condoning everything they do. God certainly does not do that with us, does he? It means that we look for things to love about them, and recognize that they, like we, are made in the image of God. 

We can't condemn others without condemning ourselves. Have you ever been judged for something you never gave a second thought to? How did it feel? 

Society points enough fingers. Let's be sure that when people talk about Christians the worst they can say is look how they love!

Love someone well today - in Jesus' name.

praying for you...


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