Friday, June 15, 2012

Where do ideas come from?

Get your pen and

notebook ready...

ideas are everywhere! 

  • people watching
  • newspaper stories
  • magazine reports
  • your imagination
  • a road sign
  • a snippet of conversation
  • a photograph
  • personal experiences
  • a dream
  • something you see while driving
  • documentaries
  • a visit to a museum  
  • thinking about "what if..."
  • the back of a cereal box
  • a text
  • the check out line at the grocery store
  • work
  • the doctor's office
  • the gas station
  • Wal-Mart
  • your favorite restaurant
  • a vacation
  • anywhere, anytime...
Get it?

Be ready. When an idea hits - even a little piece of one - write it down. There's time to flesh it out later, but you never want to miss that little moment of inspiration.

So, where is your notebook and pen? 

...praying for you