Monday, July 9, 2012

Preparing for Dallas (And I don't mean J.R.!)

I am so excited to be heading to Dallas in September for the annual American Christian Fiction Writer's Conference. While there I will attend writer's workshops, meet with two agents about the possibility of representation, mix and mingle with newbies and award-winning authors, many of whom I've come to know on line through the ACFW group, sing in the choir for worship on Sunday, and if all that's not enough, I will listen and learn and try to soak up every minute and every drop of information and inspiration I can get.

 To say that I'm excited is a HUGE understatement. I'm also nervous. I have a lot to do before Dallas:

  •  polishing my primary manuscript, 
  • finishing a second one, 
  • creating one-sheets and book proposals, 
  • reading a craft book

The most important thing I have to do is PRAY. 

For me this is the next step in both my dream to write and what I feel is God's plan for me right now. It is a divine appointment that will be filled with divine appointments - both planned and spontaneous.

I want to be ready. 
I want my heart prepared to see with the eyes of Christ.
I want my mind prepared to work, and
I want my soul prepared to worship and meet Jesus there.

I have already dedicated whatever writing I may do to God. It is His to use as He sees fit. I have to do my part, though, and that means a lot of work between now and then!

 What will be my reward for all this hard work? Well, the day after the conference is over I'm going to Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth to see an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Click Dead Sea Scrolls for more information about that. 

 What else? Well, maybe if it's God's will and his timing, I just might end up with an agent and then...a book contract! Won't that be a post! I appreciate your prayers as I prepare for this and I promise to keep you posted along the way.

 In His Grip, 


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