Thursday, July 12, 2012

What in the world...



Right at this moment I am 8 days away from taking 60 kids to bereavement camp, and 70 days away from a writer's conference in Dallas where I need to have a manuscript and marketing materials polished and ready for meetings with agents. That's enough to take all of my energy and attention.

So why did I get so excited yesterday when I learned about another writing contest?

Especially when the deadline for that contest is August 1st? Of this year? As in 19 days from now? 

What is wrong with me? Can it be done? Well, anything is possible, but do I really need the pressure? The answer to that is definitely "NO".

But here's the thing...

New projects are energizing to me. The initial excitement alone is sometimes enough to carry me well into middle of something. The newness is like a fresh start.

And it's a challenge. 

Am I going to take it? Maybe. Probably. I've already been making some notes...

We'll see...

What energizes you about chasing your dream? 

In His grip,


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