Monday, August 13, 2012

I Need a Plan, Right?

I used to be organized. You know, one of those people who had lists and referred to them frequently throughout the day. I've had episodes during which everything  - everything - was in it's assigned place and I knew what was coming next. I loved it. 

I don't really remember that life anymore. I can't tell you what happened, I just know that I seem to be flitting all over the place, and that is especially true when it comes to writing.

Here's the deal- I have:

  • a finished manuscript that I'm planning to pitch at conference
  • it needs to be edited
  • a blog that I try to update 3 times a week
  • plans for a 40 day blog series before the election
  • craft books to read
  • two books to read as an influencer
  • ideas for at least 6 more fiction books
  • ideas for several non-fiction books
  • a full-time job
  • a husband
What I don't have right now is a PLAN.

  • no writing schedule
  • no self-imposed deadlines
  • no reading plan or schedule
Here's what's happening...

Every time I check my email another writing opportunity or contest pops up guessed it, I want to do it. Sounds like fun, sounds challenging, sounds right up my alley. I'm pulled in so many directions my head starts to spin. 

And I accomplish nothing. 

Why is it so hard to make a plan? I think it's because making a plan will get me somewhere, move me toward a destination, a goal and I haven't yet decided what I want that to be. 

I can't do everything - not well. I need to choose a focus for now, and eliminate all other distractions until that goal is met. I need to schedule writing, reading and editing time. 

I also need to schedule down time away from the writing. God has called me to write, but he hasn't given me leave to neglect my husband or family or other things that are important - time with Him. 

Are you having trouble making a plan or sticking with one? Maybe that's because you haven't clearly identified your goals yet.

My goal this week is to create a plan with focus. To decide what my goal is - for now - and make plans to get there. 

For me, a good starting place right now is getting ready for conference. That's coming up soon and not something I can push back if I'm not ready. 

What about you? How do you stay on track? What's your plan?

Following the plan, 


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