Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"I Then Shall Live"

"I then shall live..."

We're singing this beautiful Gaither song at the closing worship service of the writer's conference next month. The director, Rachel Phillips, in the email accompanying the music gave us these words as we prepare:

"...try to internalize those awesome words...
Pray for our choir, that we will please our audience of
and steer the thoughts of our fellow writers
toward Him."

One line of the song especially grabs my heart:

"Your hallowed Name O may I bear with honor..."

Webster's Dictionary lists several definitions of honor including:
  • high regard or respect
  • good reputation
  • adherence to principles considered right
  • integrity
  • something done as a token of respect
Honor - 

By the world's standards, my own, or God's?

Preparing for a writer's conference can be all encompassing and it's so easy for my focus to shift to what I'm writing instead of for Whom I write. Has it - my writing - become my idol? Has polishing a manuscript become more important than allowing God to perfect my spirit?

I believe that I will heed Rachel Phillip's directive to pray that we - I - will please my audience of One today, this week, and as I prepare for conference. 

I have some work to do on that? How about you? Have you let something you are doing FOR God become more important than what you are allowing God to do in you? 

HONOR: Adherence to principles that are right: 

"you shall have no other gods before me"

Not even what I have called you to do. (My words, not His, but I feel pretty safe adding that here.)

How's your honor as a Christian? Mine needs some work. 

Scripture. Prayer. Meeting with God.

Heavenly Father, don't let me become so intent on following the plan that I forget to talk to the Planner. Don't let me become so busy doing things for you that I have no time left for you. And please forgive me because I am guilty of both. Help me to remember that you are my Salvation, my Source and my Strength, and help my grateful heart to bear your Name with honor. Amen. 

Following the plan,


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