Saturday, August 11, 2012

When Storm Winds Blow, Jesus HAS the Wheel

First a caveat...there is NO WAY these pictures do justice to the beautiful creation that emerged before our eyes. We took pictures with little cameras and cell phones, but even so, they are amazing. 

Let me set the stage for you...

We are at Camp Braveheart, our bereavement camp for children ages 7-14. It's Saturday morning and we are gathered in the auditorium with the windows and 3 sets of glass double doors covered with black plastic.

Sixty children and twenty plus adults sit in rows of chairs like church, absolutely spell bound. Jim takes the microphone and tells the story of how God brought him to this place and developed his talents, and he talks about storms and trusting God. 

Then he starts to sing. Oh my! I can still hear his deep, mellow voice belting out "PICK IT UUUUUUUP, MOSES!"  The beat of the music is strong and casts a spell over the audience. We are captivated.

Then he climbs onto the stage, picks up his chalk and begins to work his magic...

Music plays in the background as we watch Jim choose a lump of color from the tray in front of him and with swift, sure strokes he begins to add layer upon layer, element upon element to the picture. When he is done, he steps back and picks up the controls for the lights and takes us through this...


Do you see how the light from heaven is breaking though the clouds to shine down on the little boat being tossed about in the waves?

Can you see it now? The little boat in danger from the waves and the rocks. There is a tiny little lighthouse on one of the cliffs, but our pictures didn't get it. 

What about all that white space at the top? 





The black light comes on and look who has the wheel!

You should have heard the crowd! How did he do that? You'll have to ask Jim. Better yet, let him show you. It's so much better in person!

Here's more about Jim:

James H. (Jim) Pence is a man of many talents. He’s a performance chalk artist, singer, speaker, published author, editor & collaborator, and in his spare time he teaches karate to home schooled children. Jim has been called a “Renaissance man,” but he prefers to be known simply as a follower of Jesus Christ and a storyteller. Jim has been published in both fiction and nonfiction. Jim's most recent book, "More God," the amazing true story of Nate Lytle, was released late in 2011.

Jim posts regularly on the Word Serve Water Cooler blog, most recently this past Friday. Click here to read his post and to contact him. 

Jim has a true gift for ministry through art and story telling and I encourage you to consider incorporating Jim's talent and heart into your church or ministry plans. You will be mightily blessed. 

Jim, thank you so much for coming to camp. You and Laurel were so wonderful to get to know, and of course we could have watched you draw all weekend! May God continue to use you and the amazing gifts he's given you. 

Following the plan, 


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