Monday, September 17, 2012

ACFW Conference Starts this Week

Do you remember when you were little and used to play dress up and day dream about being someone really cool? 

Then you grow up and get a job and get busy with life and somehow your dreams take a back seat to all of the "grown-up" responsibilities...

Then one day God takes that little spark of a dream that's been dormant for years and begins to fan it into a flame. It burns so bright and hot that you can't ignore it. He opens doors and provides opportunities, and along the way he gives you people who surprisingly do not laugh at your dreams but instead share your excitement. 

He finds gentle ways to give you perspective when you get too big for your britches and - 

He gives you loving people to encourage you when you think you really stink. 

He sends reminders that while it is our dream it's His plan. He will do what He will do in His time, not yours. 

He will not let us forget that while we pursue our dream we must take time to be still with him and to help others. 

He lets us know that while we may never be the best at what we do and may never be successful by the world's standards He is the Master of turning too little into great abundance. 

This week I will attend the ACFW conference with 700+ friends I don't know yet. We will all be there because we have a dream to write, but no matter what our skill level, it means nothing unless we have handed it over to Him to bless it, break it and use it to feed a world hungry to hear about Jesus. 

Please pray for us this week. We are expecting God to do some wonderful, totally unexpected things in and through us. I can't wait to share with you when I get back. 

Following the plan all the way to Dallas, 


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