Friday, March 29, 2013

Is there light in your art?

Thomas Kinkade, the famous painter of light said this about the relationship between his art and the transforming light of Christ:

"Then morning came when the radiant light of Christ penetrated the darkness of my heart with His love. His joy. His hope. And it poured out of my life onto the canvas with a vibrancy I had never seen before. I call it 'The Anointing,' for in a real way, as I was saved, so was my art. I began to see that art is not about me. It's about communicating with someone else - about blessing, uplifting and touching other people's lives with God's message of hope. A hope that is not limited to canvas, but that is true in our lives when we walk in the light of His Word."
(taken from Passages of Light, Selected Scriptures with Reflections by Thomas Kincade, 1998, Thomas Nelson, Inc. Pb, p,12)

Your canvas may not receive oil paint or pastels, it may be a page onto which you pour out the thoughts of your heart, it may be the hearts of the little ones in your classroom or a concert hall where your voice can stir the souls of hundreds.

It may be in the quiet of a hospital room as you sit with a family whose loved one is dying, or in your kitchen where you prepare a delicious meal to share with a lonely neighbor.

Whatever it is, ask God today to let His light shine on it, to redeem it, sanctify it, and use it for His glory. And give thanks.

I am praying for you.


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