Monday, July 29, 2013

Spurred on Towards Love and Good Deeds

Good deeds come in all sizes and shapes, don't they.  Just like people. 

As I get older I'm getting a clearer understanding of the uniqueness of each one of us. 

The imagination of God so richly seen in His creation can also be seen in each of us.We are each fearfully and wonderfully made - a unique creation, never to be repeated in the history of the world. Even identical twins have their own personalities and dreams. That is just one of the reasons why we are commanded over and over again not to judge one another. 

I'm still figuring out God's plan for ME. Why in the world would I believe I can stand in judgment of any one else trying to work out His plan?

As I pursue my dreams - dreams that I believe God plans to use for His glory - it is encouraging to me to hear the stories of others who have taken a passion God placed within them, and used that passion to grow a dream that touches millions of lives in ways they never would have imagined. 

One such story is that of David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby. I can barely write that name without wanting to go shop! I love Hobby Lobby and knew that it is a Christian business, but didn't know the whole story. Do you? David was raised in a Christian home,a preacher's kid and the only child of six siblings that didn't go into some "normal" form of "ministry". Of all things, he went into...(gasp!) retail! 

More than a Hobby is a peek into a retail business that has done two things very well: 1) it places God first in every aspect, first in the personal lives of the owners, and then in the day-to-day running of the business; 2) it built on the passion and gifts God placed in the heart of its owner. 

It is clear from the reading of this book how God has used the business to influence hundreds of thousands who work for David, and has used the business ethics of the company to take a clear stand for the right thing - the Godly thing - in their daily dealings with vendors, creditors and customers. 

Do you think that gets noticed?  Every time. 

Do you worry that your gift or passion doesn't look like a real 'ministry'? Believe me, even those things that we consider ministry are nothing more than busyness if they are not of God. 

God doesn't need for all of us to be on staff at a church. He needs each of us to look inside our hearts with his guidance, see the gifts he has given us for what they are, and with his guidance, use those gifts each day as he gives us opportunities. 

Those are the things that make a difference and take our lives from something we just live every day to something spectacular and unique that touches lives all around us for Jesus. 

What is it that you love to do? Have you given it back to Jesus to use as he wants to? If not, do it right now, ask him to use you every day, and get excited about your dreams. 

God never does anything without purpose. He made you for a reason. Be thankful and get busy! 

Praying for you today. 


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