Monday, August 26, 2013

The Joy of the Dream

You know that feeling you get when you catch a tiny glimpse of your dream... and get the feeling that it might actually come true? 
Here's a prayer for that day...

"God did you feel it? I thought about my dream and my heart somersaulted across a wide-open field, then lay down on the tippy-top of the hill and launched itself down - rolling over and over, shrieking with laughter and the pure joy of imagining all of the 'what-ifs'.

Did you feel it? 

All day long I have tried to be a big girl - all grown up and responsible, when all the while there is a little girl inside me, jumping up and down, waiting with not one smidgen of patience for the fun to begin. 

I always thought only little girls played make-believe. That was before I grew up. Now I know that grown-ups are the biggest pretenders of all. Thank you for giving me a dream, and for the promise of making it come true."

Have you seen evidence of God working to make your dream happen? Have you expressed your joy and thanked him? Stop and do that right now. 

Praying for you. 


Monday, August 19, 2013

A Perspective on Conviction

A Question
for you...

Does the Spirit of God convict us of something we should or should not be doing because:

1) If we don't comply God will punish us severely for our sin because we're bad and deserve it...


2) Because he knows what is ahead for us and wants us to be prepared: strong and ready to stand against the enemy and for Him.

I believe in natural consequences. That is how God set up this world. What if the natural consequence for my disobedience is that when I face a trial in my life I do not have the spiritual strength or maturity to weather it well? 

It's easy to keep doing (or not) what we're doing if there are no immediate consequences. How many things  in our lives do we ignore simply because any negative consequences won't happen until later - we think we have plenty of time?

  • good health habits
  • spending time with loved ones
  • taking time to check on your elderly neighbor
  • saving for the future
The list could get very long if we're honest. If every bad choice we make had the same result as putting our hand down on a hot burner, we would live life very differently, don't you think. 

We are master's of procrastination and denial. Well I can only speak for myself, but I don't think I'm alone here.

If we dare to get alone and quiet with God today and ask for his insight, what would he show you? What would he show me? 

What are we willing to do about it? 

Praying for you today. 


Monday, August 12, 2013

Sometimes you just have to do laundry!


our dreams. 

One of the biggest killers of creativity - for me - is clutter. I like things neat and in their places. 

What I like and what I get are not often the same thing!

I do try, though, so one of the things on my to-do list for today is to shut down the computer and reorganize the mess that used to be my office. 


Because my husband and I both have to go to work tomorrow, I have to do laundry. Not my favorite thing, but it is a win-win situation. We get clean clothes, and my house gets straightened. 

My office will be neat and orderly again and I won't make myself crazy trying to keep a pile from toppling over because the one page I need is on the bottom. 

I've heard that creative minds are supposed to be messy, but honestly, I think that sentiment was first voiced by someone who just didn't like to straighten up. 

God is a God of order. We see it in the world around us - his creation. We are created in his image. Order just feels right and good to us, doesn't it? 

I'm not talking about such rigidity that you can't put a glass of tea down while you check the mail... I just mean, that over all there is a sense of freedom and rightness in your creative space that let's you get on with your work without your brain urging you to run away and hide. 

Whether your space is the kitchen table, a corner of your bedroom or a fully equipped office, take time to look at it today with an eye to creating order and peace. What do you need to do to make it work?

       Purge    File    Shelve   Label    Decorate   Stock

Maybe all of the above? 

Me too. I'm going to do that now. Oh, and the laundry... mustn't forget the laundry. 

Praying for you today. 


Monday, August 5, 2013

Nothing new Under the Sun

Have you ever had an idea for an invention only to see it two weeks later on sale in a magazine? 

What about an idea for a movie, right before you tune into the Lifetime channel and see that very story?

Sometimes life is all about timing isn't it? It also seems that there is nothing new to invent, no new story, no new 'thing'. That may be true, but still every day I see new things and think - what a great idea! How'd they think of that! 

It might not exactly be my cup of tea, but it's still neat, and I can still admire the creativity and work behind it. For example, every once in a while I'll see a posting on Facebook for people who make jewelry from horse hair. My husband knows some people who make jewelry from ammunition. Yep, shell casings. And you know what? It's really kinda' cool. 

You may be thinking do we really need more jewelry? Or purses, or shoes or...
The thing is, no we really don't need them, but we do love fresh ideas, things that are new and different. 

I am working on a line (several actually) of greeting cards for women. Some are based on scripture and some are just things that I've thought up. In doing some research to see what's out there I began to get discouraged because there are actually many great lines of greeting cards for Christian women. Do we really need another one? 

Again, do we need them like something on the bottom level of Maslow's hierarchy? No. Could they be appreciated and maybe make a little difference for someone anyway?  I think so. They are fresh and funny and I think that women will enjoy reading them and sending them to their friends. 

Will everyone love them? Of course not. But there are some women out there who will. And... I am compelled to do this. It's part of a dream, and though it's a lot of work and a huge learning curve, it's fun and exciting to be chasing that dream and to see what God has planned for it and for me. 

There may not be anything new under the sun as Solomon said, but as long as God doesn't change from the creative being that he is, there will always be new ways to do things, and new ideas to develop and new people to carry on.

Do you think there's not a place for your talent or idea? If it is inspired by God then rest assured that he has already prepared a place for you to use it. 

Step out on faith, tell someone about your dream and ask them to pray over it with you. Thank God now for what he will do, and give him all the praise for it. 

Praying for you today.