Monday, August 19, 2013

A Perspective on Conviction

A Question
for you...

Does the Spirit of God convict us of something we should or should not be doing because:

1) If we don't comply God will punish us severely for our sin because we're bad and deserve it...


2) Because he knows what is ahead for us and wants us to be prepared: strong and ready to stand against the enemy and for Him.

I believe in natural consequences. That is how God set up this world. What if the natural consequence for my disobedience is that when I face a trial in my life I do not have the spiritual strength or maturity to weather it well? 

It's easy to keep doing (or not) what we're doing if there are no immediate consequences. How many things  in our lives do we ignore simply because any negative consequences won't happen until later - we think we have plenty of time?

  • good health habits
  • spending time with loved ones
  • taking time to check on your elderly neighbor
  • saving for the future
The list could get very long if we're honest. If every bad choice we make had the same result as putting our hand down on a hot burner, we would live life very differently, don't you think. 

We are master's of procrastination and denial. Well I can only speak for myself, but I don't think I'm alone here.

If we dare to get alone and quiet with God today and ask for his insight, what would he show you? What would he show me? 

What are we willing to do about it? 

Praying for you today. 


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