Monday, August 5, 2013

Nothing new Under the Sun

Have you ever had an idea for an invention only to see it two weeks later on sale in a magazine? 

What about an idea for a movie, right before you tune into the Lifetime channel and see that very story?

Sometimes life is all about timing isn't it? It also seems that there is nothing new to invent, no new story, no new 'thing'. That may be true, but still every day I see new things and think - what a great idea! How'd they think of that! 

It might not exactly be my cup of tea, but it's still neat, and I can still admire the creativity and work behind it. For example, every once in a while I'll see a posting on Facebook for people who make jewelry from horse hair. My husband knows some people who make jewelry from ammunition. Yep, shell casings. And you know what? It's really kinda' cool. 

You may be thinking do we really need more jewelry? Or purses, or shoes or...
The thing is, no we really don't need them, but we do love fresh ideas, things that are new and different. 

I am working on a line (several actually) of greeting cards for women. Some are based on scripture and some are just things that I've thought up. In doing some research to see what's out there I began to get discouraged because there are actually many great lines of greeting cards for Christian women. Do we really need another one? 

Again, do we need them like something on the bottom level of Maslow's hierarchy? No. Could they be appreciated and maybe make a little difference for someone anyway?  I think so. They are fresh and funny and I think that women will enjoy reading them and sending them to their friends. 

Will everyone love them? Of course not. But there are some women out there who will. And... I am compelled to do this. It's part of a dream, and though it's a lot of work and a huge learning curve, it's fun and exciting to be chasing that dream and to see what God has planned for it and for me. 

There may not be anything new under the sun as Solomon said, but as long as God doesn't change from the creative being that he is, there will always be new ways to do things, and new ideas to develop and new people to carry on.

Do you think there's not a place for your talent or idea? If it is inspired by God then rest assured that he has already prepared a place for you to use it. 

Step out on faith, tell someone about your dream and ask them to pray over it with you. Thank God now for what he will do, and give him all the praise for it. 

Praying for you today.


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