Monday, August 26, 2013

The Joy of the Dream

You know that feeling you get when you catch a tiny glimpse of your dream... and get the feeling that it might actually come true? 
Here's a prayer for that day...

"God did you feel it? I thought about my dream and my heart somersaulted across a wide-open field, then lay down on the tippy-top of the hill and launched itself down - rolling over and over, shrieking with laughter and the pure joy of imagining all of the 'what-ifs'.

Did you feel it? 

All day long I have tried to be a big girl - all grown up and responsible, when all the while there is a little girl inside me, jumping up and down, waiting with not one smidgen of patience for the fun to begin. 

I always thought only little girls played make-believe. That was before I grew up. Now I know that grown-ups are the biggest pretenders of all. Thank you for giving me a dream, and for the promise of making it come true."

Have you seen evidence of God working to make your dream happen? Have you expressed your joy and thanked him? Stop and do that right now. 

Praying for you. 


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