Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mama's In the Mason Jar!!

Yesterday, Veteran's Day, my family spent the day remembering, honoring and saying goodbye to my sister's father-in-law. It was a fitting day for it as he was a WWII vet. 

His grandchildren - my niece and nephew - had never been to a funeral before so the whole experience was new to them, and in typical fashion, they handled it with grace and much humor. 

One such moment came when they were with my sister buying what they came to refer to as "funeral clothes". My sister was talking to them about the funeral and happened to mention that our parents have made arrangements to be cremated. She said, "I've already told Nana that we are NOT keeping her in an urn on the mantle!"  to which my niece replied, "Let's put her in a mason jar and put her on the couch everyday so she can watch Jeopardy!"

Moments of belly-laughing joy in the midst of sadness. Isn't God good! 

I should explain that Jeopardy was my grandmother's favorite show - along with Wheel of Fortune. She watched religiously every day. We like to say that grandmother didn't really die, she just moved into my mother's body. 

Oh, and for the record, Papa wants to watch NCIS from his mason jar. It's good to plan ahead. 

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