Saturday, May 31, 2014

An Unexpected Moment of Worship

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I'm a Southern Baptist girl born and bred. 

Baptists are not typically known for their enthusiasm during worship but happily that is changing. We clap, we say amen right out loud - even women sometimes - and dare I say it... sometimes we even raise our hands during worship! Sometimes both hands - at the same time!

I know. It sounds like something out of  - well, actually it sounds like something straight out of the Bible. God's people were exuberant in their worship. They sang, danced, feasted, laughed, raised their hands, play instruments. The worship and praise in their hearts spilled over and came out in joyfully uninhibited ways. 

I've always admired people who get so lost in worship they raise their hands and have a private moment with their Lord. Maybe I've envied them a bit as well because I'm just not that demonstrative in public. I tend to be private about most things, not just worship, and I think that's okay. 

And then a funny thing happened yesterday afternoon as I was driving to my niece's graduation. I was listening to praise music and singing along and just enjoying the private worship time. And then the song played.

Midnight Cry.  Have you heard it? Well I was just overwhelmed with the promise of it and the picture of Christ stepping out on a cloud to call his children home. 

Before I knew it, my little Southern Baptist hand was raised in my car and I was lost in worship. What a moment with Jesus!

I became aware that everyone passing me was lifting a hand to wave back. That happens all the time in the South. You wave to anyone you meet on the road. It's just being neighborly. 

I got tickled, but I was also hooked. I played that song over and over again with my hand raised (just one at a time - I was driving after all) praising Jesus and thanking him for the promise of his return someday. I found myself praying for it to be soon so we could see him step out on that cloud and call us home. 

I really can't wait! If you haven't heard the song click Midnight Cry to listen. You may have to sit on your hands but really, why would you? Raise them high and thank God for the promise of his coming again. 

I'm going to stop now. I'm playing the song while I write this and it's just too hard to type with one hand! 

Praying for you today, 


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