My Book Updates

It's hard to believe that Sacred Ashes was published almost 4 years ago! It's been a great experience and I've had such amazing feedback from so many who have read Dani's story. Here's the Amazon link if you're interested: Sacred Ashes  

Book Two, The Confession of Tobias Tucker, finally made its debut in December 2017! It's Grace's story and I really enjoyed writing it. Travis, from ProBookCovers did an awesome job on the cover and I love it. Here's a link for you: The Confession of Tobias Tucker

I've been thinking about dragging out the first book I ever wrote and rewriting, now that I know what I'm doing. I loved the story, but I'm sure I didn't tell it well back then. We shall see.

I have some non-fiction projects that I've been playing with lately. One is a series of informational brochures about hospice, which is my heart. Another one is about life lessons that I've learned along with writing lessons. I'm also playing around with a book about getting older - because I am - and how to do that in God's grace. 

Ideas pop into my head all the time and usually I write them down - don't want to lose them. The latest one came to me while I was sitting with my husband's grandfather in the hospital. It's intriguing. Don't know exactly where I'd go with it yet, but it has my interest and I might need to follow where it leads. 

I find that I neglect my social media pages and need to update and refresh them. So, look for some new things on Pinterest and more information on Facebook as things progress. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and catching up. If you've read Sacred Ashes and/or The Confession of Tobias Tucker and enjoyed them, I'd love to hear from you. If you didn't like them, well, that's okay, too and I'd still like to hear from you. I'm always learning and appreciate all viewpoints - as long as they're offered with grace.😍

You can reach me at: 

I love writing and hope you're enjoying Dani's and Grace's stories and looking forward to what comes next. I know I am. 

Happy reading!